Its not a dream but a reality that a vast majority of youth and even professionals in India are turning towards entrepreneurship. Adding fuel to this fire are government initiatives like Startup India and the growing network of venture capitalists and organizations who are mapping and supporting new businesses across industries on a regular basis. In just a few years, India is already reflecting in the top 10 global SME charts.

This is not a trend, but a force. While constantly reading the pulse of the computing market and the start-up community, we have tuned ourselves to develop a DNA that is aligned to cater to the needs of a Start-up. Needless to say, efficiency of investment and quality output are parameters that define acceptance and regard for any brand serving this community.

Viewpaker is proud to support the emerging SME and start-up community in India

Modularity & Flexibility:

Any start-up is shy of heavy initial investments and of over leveraging resources. Keeping this in mind, our AIO (All-in-One computer) systems are designed to offer modularity without commitments of scale or volume. The benefit of our operating model to the start-up community starts with complete configurability – each of our AIOs can be assembled by any PC assembler and subsequently reconfigured as per need.

Support & Scale:

Stranded on an island? Never! Our extensive support and benchmarked after sales service ensure very limited downtime.

Small Going on Big:

Problem solving and creating ease and convenience in established industries is like rowing against a stream for the most part. It is no wonder that Viewpaker is in direct competition with the big-wigs of the computing world and yet has carved a niche in the market on the back of our product prowess, well entrenched network and service support.

And with such similarities, we only intend to begin our conversations with you and lead it to truly understanding your computing needs over time across germination, evolution and stabilizing phases of your organization.

Beyond talk! We are rearing to demonstrate our products to you and propose a hardware solution that is truly All-in-One. More Power to you!

  • Team Viewpaker