Most businesses don’t have an open-door policy for procurement of hardware computing. Neither do they have the time and patience to test and verify new brands and products before deploying them at scale.  Speaking of the industry we work in and with years of experience serving and managing customers across the globe, we feel confident about our AIO solution and its ability to perform under the most tested and acknowledged organizations in India. With the beginning of our journey in 1997 and thereafter we have seen the evolution of the so-called component based, assembled computer system. Folks we work with are amazed to know how Viewpaker as emerged over these years as a brand that is a benchmark of superior quality within the custom-built computer space.

They key to our success is our barebone solution: A high resolution display integrated in a sleek frame with a power supply that allows for complete configurability. PC integrators can optimize our AIO machines to suit various price and performance parameters while offering hardware solutions. At the outset when you see the Viewpaker brand on the AIO, be rest assured that what you are getting is nothing short of the best in computing there can be.

When at a strategic level an organization realizes the need to opt for customized hardware solutions and/or the need to rationalize resources without compromising on output and efficiency, the very first name that emerges in ours.

Viewpaker over the years has maintained such standards and relationships where our reputation stands congregated with the custom application and flexibility that is needed across businesses.

Quoting some of our top consumers across leading organizations (names reserved on request) –

“It took us some time to realize the overall productivity of Viewpaker as a brand and we started off with under 50 units within our customer services cell, has over the last two years grown in volume to more than 300 units across two locations for us. It is a hugely satisfying experience for us to have adopted Viewpaker’s AIOs”

– Head IT Procurement, Leading KPO, Gurgaon

“We would never rationalize or compromise in computing as a need. We are a media agency and for us clarity, processing, storage and mostly shelf life of a computer is of utmost importance. Viewpaker fits the bill entirely. We can say that our creative design, invoicing, media management and even sales and serving teams are on Viewpaker AIOs and what a fine product it is. Our congratulations!”

  • CEO Leading Advertising Agency, Bangalore

“We had planned to set-up an entertained center for our employees within our office space and wanted to deploy up to 5 computing stations dedicated to gaming. On the request of our HR team, we deployed Viewpaker’s AIOs and since then I would say almost 20% of our entire 500 office teams are using the product and happily so.”

  • CHRO, Leading IT Enterprise, Pune

And there are several more such examples of how Viewpaker has successfully carved a niche into a truly Business Class environment. These acknowledgements of quality, standards and performance being reminiscent of our promise-delivery to the consumers and the industry.

Beyond talk! We are rearing to demonstrate our products to you and propose a hardware solution that is truly All-in-One. Go Business Class with Viewpaker today!

  • Team Viewpaker