Computing is one of those needs that has been supremely rationalized over the last decade or more. One realizes how over this period, a race of processing power has given way to a more rational, calm and feature oriented use of components and computer specifications. Until very recently, if you were not riding on one of the latest generation chipsets, kin to a state-of-the-art fighter jet, you weren’t really on top of the computing game per se. A case of great marketing and typical consumer behavior.
However, every marketing program no matter how great it is – has a shelf life and over the last five years, we have noticed a rather practical approach by CTOs across leading organizations leaning towards operability, flexibility and adoption of technology as per need. This of course cuts across organizations. However, one of the key issues faced while universally adopting this new policy is the fact that most of these “Super Rationalized” machines do not really fit the bill of high-design, look & feel as it were. Which is where we find our spot of existence, sustenance and even growth.

AIOs: All in One Computers are the true answer to high performance combined with aesthetics and overall reliability that is important to consumer. That said, there are a very few brands and organizations who can match-up to the quality and delivery output of the so called big-wigs of the computing business. The industry in India operates in a distributed manner with hundreds of resellers operating in this space particularly in the local components bazaar and the assembly of machines.

VIEWPAKER! Here’s what we have done…

  • To begin with, we provide a unique solution – a barebone AIO. The body comes with a built-in display and a power supply with carefully engineered space for the mother-board and other components that can be customized to need.
  • Better still, we also provide, components on demand that fit the overall design and space considerations, offering a high-grade finished product that is totally reliable qualified though warranty and maintenance assurances.

Since our very inception, Viewpaker, which was first founded in China and has a lineage of manufacturing computers and components since 1997, has been at the fore front of providing efficient, economical and effective computing solutions across the world. We are a reliable name in AIO solutions offering not just efficiency but customization across industries.

Beyond talk! We are rearing to demonstrate our products to you and propose a hardware solution that is truly All-in-One. Now that’s setting standards!

  • Team Viewpaker